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2017 Biosolids and Renewable Energy Seminars

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The California Water Environment Association and the California Association of Sanitation Agencies were proud to present the Biosolids & Renewable Energy Innovation Technology Seminar on November 14 and 15 in two locations. The focus of the seminars were on successful biosolids management practices and innovative treatment technology for biosolids, renewable energy production and utilization, and climate change mitigation.

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Seminar sponsors:

Energy Positive Anaerobic Secondary Treatment for California - Sebastien Tilmans, Codiga Resource Recovery Center, Stanford UniversityDownload 
Tri-Generation of Hydrogen, Heat, and Power from Digester Gas - Professor Jack Brouwer & Dr. Robert Flores, University of California, IrvineDownload 
Deploying Artificial Intelligence at Water Treatment Plants - Prateek Joshi, Pluto AlDownload 
LIFT Resources of Innovative Biosolids and Renewable Energy Technologies - Jeff Moeller, Water Research & Reuse Foundation Download 
Closed-Loop Coasts: Biosolids as Marsh Creation Amendment - Madeline Foster-Martinez, UC Berkeley Download 
Evaluating Nereda Aerobic Granular Sludge as a Cost-effective Nutrient Removal Upgrade - Greg Baatrup, Fairfield-Suisun SD & Ralph Eschborn, AECOMDownload 
Building Healthy Soils with Organic Residuals - Layne Baroldi, SynagroDownload 
New Gas & Power Technologies for Landfills and POTW Biogas Ues - Subra Iyer, NrgTEKDownload 
Trust, but Verify - Odor Control with Guaranteed Performance - Anders Wistrom, CentriairDownload 
Challenges and Opportunities - Greg Kester, CASADownload 
Conserving Carbon through WW Treatment - Hari Santha, NEFCO Download 
Benefical Use of Digester Gas - Kenneth Frisbie, BioFuels Energy Download 
US Forest Service Innovation Wood Grant - Andres Munoz-Hernandez & Gerardo Diaz, UC MercedDownload 
HYPOWERS Hydrothermal Processing Project at Central San - James Oyler, Genifuel Corporation Download 
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