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2019 P3S Conference in Seaside, Monterey Bay

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The 2019 Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention and Stormwater Conference was held in Seaside, Monterey Bay, Feb 11-13.

Thank you to the conference sponsors:

Also thank you to our agency supporters:

  • City of Modesto
  • Orange County Sanitation District
  • Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
  • Yucaipa Valley Water District

For more information about the P3S Committee please visit their website.

Opening Session 1 - Joe Charbonnet, Green Science Policy InstituteDownload 
Opening Session 2 - Dr. Rolf Halden, Biodesign Institute ASUDownload 
Opening Session 3 - Bridget Hoover - Monterey Bay National Marine SanctuaryDownload 
Opening Session 4 - Gary Peterson, Valley Basin Groundwater Sustainability AgencyDownload 
Opening Session 5 - Heidi Sanborn, California Product Stewardship CouncilDownload 
TOUR: Monterey One Water Tour - Rachel Gaudoin - Monterey One WaterDownload 
Wednesday P3S Grant Recipients Lunch-WITHOUT VIDEODownload 
C: Regulating and Classifying Commercial Cannabis Activities - Loudmilla Vertanessian - City of LADownload 
ECI: ECI Exam Prep Study Session Grades I II III IV - Meg Herston - Fairfield Suisun Sewer DistrictDownload 
P: Sewer Use Ordinance Enforcement Response Plan Case Studies - Brenda Donald - SFPUC-WITOUT VIDEODownload 
PP: Flame Retardants and Plastic Additives in San Francisco Bay - Ila Shimabuka - San Francisco Estuary Institute-WITHOUT VIDEODownload 
POPP: Your Agency Your Community Building Awareness to Strengthen Bonds - Nicole Coleman - Sacramento Area Sewer District-WITHOUT VIDEODownload 
POPP: No Wipes Down the Pipes Outreach - Angela Lowrey - Delta Diablo, and Roni Gehlke - Ironhouse Saniatary District-WITHOUT VIDEODownload 
POPP: A Road Show about Water Reuse - Vai Campbell - Soquel Water District-WITHOUT VIDEODownload 
Facility of the Year AwardsDownload 
PFIT: Permitting a Pretreatment Facility - Norm Domingo - Silicon Valley Clean WaterDownload 
DP: Dental Facility Inspection Training Paperwork Review and the New EPA Requirements for the Dental Category - Brandon Bishop and Rob Marvin - City of ReddingDownload 
PFIT: Pretreatment Facility Inspection 101 for Breweries - John Rowe and Ramzi Mahmood - Office of Water CSUSDownload 
SGI: Introduction to Low Impact Development - Alina Constatinescu - Larry Walker AssociatesDownload 
PP: Flame Retardants and Plastic Additives in San Francisco Bay - Rebecca Sutton - San Francisco Estuary InstituteDownload 
PP: Link Between Consumer Flea Control and Aquatic Toxicity - Stephanie-Hughes - Santa Clara UniversityDownload 
C: State and Regional Water Board Regulations in the Cannabis Cultivation Landscape - Leah Lemoine, Peter Barnes, and TJ Middlemis-Clark - SWRCBDownload 
FOG: Importance of Proper Sizing Protocol When Selecting A Grease Control Device - David Shulman - IPEXDownload 
PT: Regenerative Wastewater Treatment Putting Nature to Work - Mai Ann Healy - BiofiltroDownload 
SGI: Managing and Inspecting Low Impact Development Facilities - Heidi Niggemeyer - NPDESDownload 
US-EPA: Pretreatment Standards Prohibitions and Local Limits - Amelia Whitson - EPADownload 
P: After Hours Inspections in the Area Tributary to the San José-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility - Jack Dickinson - City of San JoseDownload 
US-EPA: Industrial User Permitting - Amelia Whitson - EPADownload 
C: Cannabis Wastewater Considerations - Arthur Deicke and Samual Edwards - Environmental Pollution SolutionsDownload 
P: Peer-to-Peer Approach to Prep for PCI/PCA - Zuhayl Lambert - City of San JoseDownload 
P: Solubility Rules A Survey of Established and Emerging Pretreatment Technologies - Michael Placencia - City of RiversideDownload 
C: Cannabis in California - Kelly Amodeo - California Department of Pesticide RegulationDownload 
FOG: FOG Control Inspection Program Lessons Learned - Mary Morse and Ben Nguyen - City of San JoseDownload 
DP: It Shouldnt be as Hard as Pulling Teeth - Jarred Klosinski - City of San JoseDownload 
US-EPA: Introduction and Overview of EPA Pretreatment Regulations - Amelia Whitson - EPADownload 
US-EPA: Introduction and Overview of EPA Pretreatment Updates - Amelia Whitson - EPADownload 
FOG: FOG Program Automation through Food Service Establishment Communication and Collaboration - Michael O'Dwyer - SwiftComplyDownload 
DP: Dentist Response to Amalgam Separator Rule - Teresa Pichay - California Dental AssociationDownload 
FOG: State Water Board WDR SSMP Update - James Fischer - SWRCBDownload 
PFIT: Becoming a Pretreatment Facility Inspector Champion - Theodore Higgins - LA SanitationDownload 
ECI: Simplified Math for ECI Part II - Kent McIntosh - LACSDDownload 
DP: Amalgam Control Devices and EPA Regs - Mary Fadhl - SolmetexDownload 
SGI: Walking Tour West Broadway Urban Village Project - Scott Ottmar - City of SeasideDownload 
PT: Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater What’s There and How to Get Rid of Them - Joanna Tran and Samantha Engelage - City of Palo AltoDownload 
P: Enhanced Source Control for Reuse - Kevin Hardy - NWRIDownload 
PT: Reducing Grease Separator Effluent FOG Through Avoided Dishwashing FOGDetergent Interaction -Bill Batten - Thermaco Big DipperDownload 
US-EPA: Pretreatment Standards Categorical Regulations Metal Finishing - Jim Polek - EPADownload 
C: Cannabis Cultivation Manufacturing Permitting - Adam Kern - EBMUDDownload 
Walk Through P3S History - Joe LuciaDownload 
ECI: Simplified Math for ECI Part I - Kent McIntosh - LACSDDownload 
What EPA Looks for in a PCI PCA - Jim PolekDownload 
US-EPA: Industrial User Inspections - Jim Polek - EPADownload 
ECI: ECI Exam Prep Grade I and II - Meg Herston - Fairfield Suisun Sewer DistrictDownload 
US-EPA: Industrial User Surveys - Amelia Whitson - EPADownload 
CL: Essential Communication Skills for Inspectors - Jim Delia - Delia and AssociatesDownload 
ECI: ECI Exam Prep Grade IV - Kent McIntosh - LACSDDownload 
P: Alternative Methods for Applyng Local Limits - Gorman Lau - Larry Walker AssociatesDownload 
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