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2018 Mainstream and Side Stream Nutrient Removal Workshops

Presenter Michael Liu, Project Engineer, LACSD

These workshops were organized by our Engineering and Research Committee and hosted by the Los Angeles Basin Section and the San Francisco Basin Section.

In 2015 WEF released The Nutrient Roadmap with an aspirational goal: The next generation of wastewater treatment has zero net impact with regard to energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and nutrient discharge by 2040. Achieving this goal requires a dedication to overcoming technical barriers, financial constraints, and regulatory disincentives limiting nutrient removal, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and energy neutrality in wastewater treatment. View the Nutrient Primer from WEF.

The focus of these workshops was on side-stream nutrient removal technologies currently in use and the next generation now rolling out. We must meet permit requirements with low cost, energy efficient systems while also keeping an eye on the larger goal. We are turning wastewater treatment plants into resource recovery facilities that harvest valuable products from sewage. This includes removing nutrients and turning them into a valuable resource that goes back into our communities.



Sidestream & Mainstream Deammonification - Beverley Stinson  Download  
Innovation In Wastewater Intensification – Doing More, In Less - Chandler Johnson  Download  
EBMUD Regional Sidestream Nutrient Removal Study - Graham and Grow  Download  
Pilot-Scale Testing of ANITA Mox for Nitrogen Removal - Michael Liu  Download  
Design Considerations for Nitrogen Removal Systems - Sandeep Sathyamoorthy  Download  
Ammonia-based Intermittent Aeration Control for Nitrogen Removal - Pusker Regmi  Download  
CWEA Nutrient Seminar - Mike Doyle  Download  
AquaPrime Cloth Media Filtration for Primary Treatment - James Horton  Download  
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