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2018 Automation Workshops

This popular one day ISA/WEF workshop was hosted in California for the first time. Effective process control extends beyond the addition of analyzers. Other issues that need to be addressed include selecting the optimal measurement locations, developing or adopting appropriate control strategies, and maintaining the analyzers.

The workshop was broken up into two blocks; the first block of the workshop will provide a review of the technologies and principles used in instrumentation that is available for meeting on-line process analytical needs for ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, turbidity and chlorine.

The second block discusses how to properly apply and maintain these analytical technologies in order to maximize the quality of data they provide, with an understanding of how this impacts cost-of-ownership. We will conclude with an open forum of questions and answers.

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Welcome, Charles AycockDownload 
Cost of Ownership, Charles AycockDownload 
Problem Solving Using Fundamentals, Bob Dabkowski and Steven SmithDownload 
pH, ORP, DO, Turbidity and Solids Fundamentals, Melody White and Steven SmithDownload 
Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, Phosphate, Total Phosphorus, Chlorine Fundamentals, Tracy Doane Weideman and Bob DabkowskiDownload 
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