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2017 P3S Conference

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44th Annual Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention and Stormwater Conference will be held in Santa Rosa at the Santa Rosa Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel. February 27 – March 1, 2017. The conference offers up to 15.3 CWEA contact hours toward all technical certifications, and up to 6.5 SWRCB Drinking Water contact hours for distribution and treatment hours. Conference brochure (pdf).


2016 Facilities of the Year Awards Presentation  Download  
Local Limits Session Gorman Lau  Download  
SF Sewers Your #2 is My #1 Vincent Mazzaferro  Download  
What EPA Looks for in a PCIPCA Amelia Whitson  Download  
WCWD Public Outreach Program Joe Neugebauer  Download  
Update on the North Coast Regional Board Stormwater Colleen Hunt  Download  
Turning One Water From Goal To Reality Dave Smith  Download  
State Water Board Stormwater Permitting Jeffrey Albrecht  Download  
PCI Checklist Norman Domingo  Download  
One Water - SWRCB Perspective Frances Spivy-Weber  Download  
Residential Water Softener Ban John Boyd  Download  
Regional Board Audit of Santa Clara County Stormwater Program Michael Rhoades  Download  
Recruiting Barn Owls in City Parks – a Valid IPM Tool Amber Schat  Download  
Preparing for Pretreatment Compliance Inspection M. Rodas  Download  
Potable Reuse Starts with P3S Penny Carlo and Jeremy Grant  Download  
Giving “One Water” a Bear Hug Paul Sciuto  Download  
Getting Ready for an EPA Stormwater Program Audit Arnie Anslem  Download  
Getting Back to the Fundamentals in Today’s Ever-Changing Regulatory Landscape: Preparing the Next Generation of Stormwater Business Inspectors Alejandro Perez  Download  
Municipal Stormwater NPDES Permit 2 Update Dale Bowyer  Download  
LuvTheBay  Download  
Large Pretreatment Audits Casey Fitzgerald  Download  
How to survive a P3S compliance audit Tracy Wyhlidko  Download  
EcoVolt 21 st Century Wastewater Treatment John Garn  Download  
ECI Exam Prep: Math Problems to Know Meg Herston  Download  
ECI Exam Prep: Grade 1 and 2 Meg Herston  Download  
ECI Exam Prep: Grade 4 Meg Herston  Download  
Be A Brew Master Chris Murray  Download  
EPA Stormwater Permitting Update Eugene Bromley  Download  
EPA - Introduction to Pretreatment Whitson and Polek  Download  
EPA - Industrial User Classification Exercise Whitson and Polek  Download  
EPA - Metal Finishing Standards Whitson and Polek  Download  
EPA - Pretreatment Standards Local Limits Whitson and Polek  Download  
EPA - Modifying Your Pretreatment Program Whitson and Polek  Download  
EPA - Categorical Pretreatment Standards Whitson and Polek  Download  
EPA - National Pretreatment Updates Whitson and Polek  Download  
EPA - Inspections and POTW Monitoring Whitson and Polek  Download  
EPA - Industrial User Surveys Whitson and Polek  Download  
P3S17 Committee Grants Lunch Presentation  Download  
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