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2017 O&M Reliability Centered Maintenance Workshops

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Is your O&M team feeling overloaded and struggling to prioritize work orders? Maybe you see the need for more strategic approach to maintenance? This workshop provides an in-depth look at asset management philosophies used by many wastewater agencies across the country. The system is known as reliability centered maintenance, or RCM, and provides strategies for managing maintenance priorities.

Learn from some of California’s leading wastewater O&M experts during these interactive workshops. Get a jump on managing your facility’s assets by learning the latest trends and techniques and listening to real-world case studies. Event flyer (pdf).


A Case for RCM and Its’ Principles - Ralph StevensDownload 
Benefits of Reliability Centered Maintenance - Gerald FejarangDownload 
Reliability Centered Maintenance - Worksheet HandoutsDownload 
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