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2016 SARBS Digestion and Energy Projection Workshop

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Here's What's Coming in Digestion and Energy Projection - SARBS November 2016 PDC

Wondering what is coming down the pipe as regulations drive organics out of landfills and promote increases in renewable energy generation? This half-day session was focused on upcoming changes and opportunities in anaerobic digestion and energy production. Attendees learned about the drivers pushing change and how various plants are taking advantage of these opportunities. Topics included food waste digestion, digester gas utilization, and battery storage systems.

Food Waste Digestion TasserDownload 
Energy Storage at IEUA PompaDownload 
Digester Gas Utilization RossDownload 
Capitalizing on Revenue Opps at WWTPs Sharma SchersonDownload 
Biogas to Beneficial Use StoutDownload 
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