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2016 On-site Wastewater Reuse Workshop

November 2nd workshop, Dublin, CA

During the workshop, experts will lead you through the 10-steps to on-site water reuse following the guidelines laid out in the Blueprint for Onsite Water Systems. The Blueprint was created by WERF, SFPUC, and Water Research Foundation to assist communities with developing a local program to manage and oversee onsite water systems that protect public health. A local program can build on existing plumbing, public health, and building standards and codes while addressing water, stormwater, and wastewater management programs in a coordinated and streamlined manner.

Thank you to workshop moderator Kathryn Gies and West Yost for assistance in preparing the workbook.

On-site Reuse Workbook - Developed by West YostDownload 
Workshop & Role Playing Intro - Why Develop a Local Program for Onsite Water Reuse? - Kathryn GiessDownload 
WE&RF Brochure - BLUEPRINT for Onsite Water SystemsDownload 
Identify and Supplement Local Building Practices - Tony MadroneDownload 
Water Quality Standards for Alternate Water Sources - Paula KehoeDownload 
Permitting & Implementation: Real World Experiences, Glenn van EekhoutDownload 
Monitoring and Reporting, Operating Permits (part 2) - Paula KehoeDownload 
Overview of Onsite Reuse: Water Sources and End Uses- Amelia LunaDownload 
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