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2016 Engineering Research Workshop



Hosted in Los Angeles, October 13, 2015

Preparing the San Francisco Sewer System for the Compound Challenge of Climate Change Induced Rainfall, Extreme Tides, and Sea Level Rise 4.65 MB 7 downloads

David M. Wood, Anna M. Roche, Mira Chokshi, Kris May 1AECOM, San Francisco, CA 2San...

Optimizing the Use of Non‐Potable Water Supplies 4.25 MB 7 downloads

CWEA Engineering & Research Workshop Don Bunts Operations Manager Santa Margarita...

OCWD’s Evolving Groundwater Recharge Plan 7.33 MB 5 downloads

Adam S. Hutchinson, P.G., CH.G. Recharge Planning Manager Orange County Water District CWEA...

Managing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions 3.63 MB 9 downloads

Sarah A. Deslauriers, P.E. Senior Technologist Carollo Engineers, Inc. carollo ...

Changing Quality of Wastewater Influent due to Water Conservation and Other Factors 7.48 MB 7 downloads

Steve McDonald, P.E. Director of Integrated Water Resources Carollo Engineers, Inc. MARCH...

A Transition from Indirect to Direct Potable Reuse in California 6.47 MB 7 downloads

Shane Trussell, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE CWEA Specialty Conference Impact of Climate Change...