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2016 CASA-CWEA Biosolids Workshop

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Presentations are listed individually below.

July 19, 2016 - Martinez CA - Central Contra Costa Sanitation District

July 20, 2016 - Los Angeles, CA - City of Los Angeles Hyperion Treatment Plant

The California Water Environment Association (CWEA) & California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) are proud to present the Biosolids & Renewable Energy Specialty Workshop July 19 and July 20 in two locations. The focus of the seminars was on successful biosolids management practices and innovative treatment technology for biosolids, renewable energy production and utilization, and climate change mitigation. They are presented with the intent of introducing attendees to a host of cutting edge innovative technologies for further evaluation.

The presentation by Tesla was not cleared to be publicly posted and is excluded from the list below.

01 - A New Resource: The Water & Energy Sustainable Technology Center (West) - PepperDownload 
02 - Wastewater Sectors role in organic waste infrastructure development - Kistenmacher and SchneiderDownload 
03-NorCal - Silicon Valley Clean Water Biosolids Dryer and Pyrolysis Project - PresezziDownload 
03-SoCal - Greenhouse Gas Accounting - Bar-IlanDownload 
05 - Benefits of Marketing and Land Application of Biosolids - PugliaresiDownload 
06 - Shincci Liquid-Solids Separation Systems - TamimiDownload 
07 - EPA’s Wasted FOOD Mapping Tool - ElyDownload 
08 - Digester Gas to Vehicle Fuel City of San Mateo Project - Heinrich and BarnesDownload 
09 - Field of Biosolids Dreams - Baatrup and DunbarDownload 
10 - From Grid Dependence To Independence - WilsonDownload 
11 - An Organics Product Evolution: Anuvia’s New Green and Sustainable Fertilizer and Manufacturing Plant - BurnhamDownload 
12 - Update on Food Waste Co-Digestion Demonstration Project at Joint Water Pollution Control Plant - McDannel and CzerniakDownload 
13 - Bay Area Biosolids to Energy Coalition - Ving and DeslauriersDownload 
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