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2015 CWEA Biosolids Workshops

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Nearly 150 registrants attended the Biosolids & Renewable Energy Workshops hosted by the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) and the California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) on May 12thand May 13th respectively. Our wonderful hosts at the Central Contra Costa Sanitation Agency in Martinez, CA and the Hyperion Wastewater Plant in Los Angeles, CA provided us with great facilities, so consultants, regulators, project managers, and engineers from throughout California could hear information on long term Biosolids treatment and renewable energy options. At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees left with a framework for determining the questions necessary to critically evaluate the merits and applicability of technologies for implementation.


Hosted by CASA and CWEA

Sustainable Energy With Biosolids 4.13 MB 8 downloads

CASA & CWEA May 12-­‐13, 2015 Wright Tech Solu/ons for Cleaner More Sustainable Communi/es Ed...

Solids Treatment and Management in a Changing Environment 3.72 MB 10 downloads

Biosolids and Renewable Energy Specialty Workshop! May 12 - 13, 2015 Hari Santha,...

Sludge to oil: applying hydrothermal liquefaction in the wastewater treatment plant 1.55 MB 7 downloads

Peter Valdez, Eric Sundstrom, Michael Nelson, Sneha Neupane May 12 and 13, 2015 ...

Lystek Technology for Biosolids Processing 1.69 MB 7 downloads

James Dunbar ...

Hyperion Treatment Plant Digester Gas Utilization Project 3.09 MB 9 downloads

CASA Energy Conference May 13, 2015 ...

Fuel Cells on Biogas – Experience & Case Studies 1.92 MB 7 downloads

California Association of Sanitation Agencies May 12-13, 2015 Ken Wicker Director -­‐ Business Development, Northern CA ...

Factors that Influence Biosolids Process Upgrades: Comparison of Different Drivers at Two San Francisco Treatment Plants 2.16 MB 6 downloads

Rosanna Tse, P.E./SFPUC Carolyn Chiu, P.E./SFPUC May 12, 2015 ...

DEEP WELL PLACEMENT OF BIOSOLIDS AND OTHER WASTEWATER RESIDUALS Terminal Island Renewable Energy Project Update 1.82 MB 6 downloads

CASA/CWEA Biosolids Seminar May 13, 2015 Diane Gilber Jones ...

CASA Presentation Rethinking Air Pollution Control: Energy Production from Low Value Waste Streams 1.34 MB 13 downloads

Mike Cormier Business Development Director Dresser Rand ...

Biosolids Program Update 5.44 MB 6 downloads

Rick Stevens / U.S. EPA Presentation for the CASA / CWEA Biosolids & Renewable...

Becoming a Net Energy Producer with Surplus Power to Sell 1.49 MB 7 downloads

May 12, 2015 John Hake Resource Recovery Supervisor ...

Bay Area Regional Biosolids to Energy Coalition 2.31 MB 6 downloads

Paul L. Kelley Executive Director CASA/CWEA Briefing May 12 -­13 2015 ...

Biosolids Low Temperature Pyrolysis maximizing resource recovery from sludge 1.65 MB 7 downloads

May 12/13, 2015 CASA-CWEA Biosolids workshop- contra costa/ Hyperion Juan Josse,...