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2010 CWEA Biosolids Workshops

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CWEA Workshop

The SlurryCarb™ Process 611.46 KB 12 downloads

enertech CWEA Specialty Workshop Biosolids Management in California Whittier &...

Terminal Island Renewable Energy- TIRE L.A. Biosolids Slurry Injection Project 3.15 MB 6 downloads

City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation CWEA Specialty Workshop Whittier, California January...

Inland Empire Regional Composting Facility 3.05 MB 5 downloads

Jeff Ziegenbein Inland Empire Regional Composting Facility ...

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Strategies 751.57 KB 5 downloads

Patrick Griffith, PE, BCEE Senior Civil Engineer Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts ...

CWEA Specialty Workshop – Understanding Future Regulatory Trends and Impacts on Biosolids Management in California 68.82 KB 9 downloads

Conference Schedule San Francisco, CA January 27, 2010 ...

CWEA Biosolids Workshop 98.94 KB 6 downloads

Whittier – January 26, 2010 Greg Kester CASA Biosolids Program Manager ...

California’s First Design-Build Biosolids Thermal Dryer 1.56 MB 6 downloads

Ruben R. Robles, P.E., MBA SRCSD ...

California Water Environment Association 1.53 MB 5 downloads

Kevin M. Hardy, General Manager Encina wastewater authority ...

California Composting and Alternative Daily Cover Rules for Biosolids 376.37 KB 4 downloads

January 26, 2010 Ken Decio (Presented by Greg Kester) Department of Resources, Recycling,...

California Biosolids Regulatory Trends, Local Ordinances & Outlook 2.00 MB 4 downloads

Matt Bao January 26, 2010 Los Angeles County Sanitation District Ontario, CA Natalie...

Building a Successful Regional Project CWEA January 26thand 27th, 2010 681.64 KB 4 downloads

Elizabeth Ostoich synagro ...

Biosolids Drying and Electric Generation Facility 2.12 MB 6 downloads

Mark Lawler General Manager January 26, 2010 ...

BIOSOIDS The General Order & Other Regulatory Issues 173.84 KB 5 downloads

January 26, 2010 Whittier, California Jarrod Ramsey-Lewis, PE State Water Resources...

Bay Area Regional Biosolids to Energy Partnership 1.94 MB 5 downloads

Caroline Quinn, Director of Engineering Delta Diablo Sanitation District CWEA Biosolids...

Air Quality RegulationsCWEA January 26thand 27th, 2010 1.48 MB 4 downloads

Layne Baroldi Synagro Technologies ...